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RULES and Forum guidelines

Post by Little-Pete on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:50 am

Hello all,  

My name is Pete and I created the forum.   This wasn't a new idea for me I have been thinking abut it for quite a while.   I have used other forums and found them extremely helpful.  The ones I enjoyed using most were the ones which were aimed mainly at carp anglers in my area and the waters I could fish.    The Carp Crew was one forum which I used which was excellent!  Hopefully we can get some of those members on board over here because there are some extremely knowledgeable chaps who can only help improve your fishing with every post they make.    I was gutted when that forum stopped as for me it was bang on.   A good bunch of anglers and everybody willing to help.  No EGOS, great advice and a good laugh.    From that forum a lot of members including myself stated using Happy Hookers (Nothing to do with hookers at all!).  Again this was a great forum and one I miss using.    The absence of these forums are the reason I have created this one.   So credit must go to them for the ideas and ethos that I intend to have over here.  

I want this forum to be for everyone that wants to be a a part of it,  a range of skill levels and experience.  

I am a firm believer that you never stop learning and none more so than with angling, especially carp angling.  

NOBODY knows everything, EVERYBODY blanks and EVERYBODY makes mistakes

I am not keen on the ranking and hierachy structure with pats on the backs and that sort of stuff because I find it a little elitist.  Everybody on this forum should be treated as equal.

This is an important point for me because IMO its the reason people join and leave forums - Please remember that when somebody posts it is just THEIR OPINION,   if you don't agree with it then that is completely fine and that is YOUR OPINION but please lord for the life of me DO NOT START TURNING INTO A KEYBOARD WARRIOR.  Getting angry and venting up is a completely pointless exercise the other person will probably not agree because you have a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION this is completely normal and your rage is a waste of energy and leaves a bad taste.

There will be controversial debates and posts of this i'm sure but how we react, contribute and respond to those is up to us.   I like a debate,  I like heated debate if i'm honest but it has to be constructive and cannot become personal.  

All I want is a forum that people can use at their own leisure, take the info they want and need and catch some fish.   If you are helping someone catch more fish........ that is a GOOD THING!  

I don't want any silly rules for the forum and I'm not going to tell adults whether they can swear or not,  I have censored/changed some naughty words for other words and this is because a newbie might click on their first post and if its full of effing and blinding they probably wont participate.   Talk to people how you would like to be spoken to.    

I really am trying to get my point across without sounding patronising because that really isn't my aim.   Please just let common sense prevail.   The reason I raise these points is because it is the downside to probably every forum going,  but we shall try regardless and see how it goes!  

Please keep 'TXT' lingo to a minimum,   not because it offends me but because its just really hard for some people to understand and most of the time its not that much longer to write the actual word (like usually one letter..... innit!! )  

All commercial adverts please use the relevant page.  

Please give feedback so that we can improve the forum

Please respect each other we are all anglers at the end of the day trying to achieve the same thing.

Please keep posts relevant to their topic and post in the correct categories,  again mistakes will be made, its no biggy we will just move it to the correct place.    EASY.

Right I think that's it,  enjoy the forum,  let's have a laugh cos there's nothing wrong with a bit of banter!   Hopefully we can all improve each others fishing and if things go well we can start arranging comps, socials and trips and all meet up for real,  like in the real world and everythig!  

Stay Loose!


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